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ATI AT6012 Amplifier 12 Channel Audio Power Amp

for the Linkwitz Lab Orion, LXmini, LXmini+2, LXstudio, LX521.4 and other Linkwitz speakers

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Some comments from ATI AT6012 customers:

"I have been living with my home built Orion speakers for many months now. I have, during this time, tried to drive these wonderful speakers with various amplifier combinations (DIY and store bought), with varying degrees of success. The quality of the sound was just not where I knew it could be after listening to an Orion system on two occasions with the ATI AT6012.

I just recently took delivery of the ATI AT6012 amplifier. WOW! What a difference! There is a reason why the speaker manufacturer recommends this amp to power the Orion speaker system; in fact the designer of the Orion uses this amplifier himself. It simply works extremely well. My Orion speakers have never sounded better. The Orion's now have more impact, more detail and clarity than ever before. Somehow a veil has been lifted from the overall sound I was experiencing with the other Orion/amp combos that I have tried.

For anyone interested in building or purchasing the finished Orion speakers you should strongly consider the ATI AT6012 amplifier to power your system. The ATI amplifier gives you a very neutral sounding, robust and economical means by which to enjoy the Orion speaker system."

"I have been using the Orions for several months and am really enjoying them. I started with the ATI AT6012 amps and they are indeed a great match for the Orions. In fact, Linkwitz' entire combo, amps and cables are fabulous and tough to beat. The Orions can IMO be taken even farther but not without a significant investment. I was very impressed with Linkwitz recommended setup.

I did all of the internal wiring of the Orions with Shunyata cabling. I realize that this is kind of an extreme setup but the sound is really a revelation. I think with some minor tweaking, additional improvement can be had. As it stands, this system provides me more musical pleasure than any other speakers I've ever heard and I have heard many expensive commercial speakers. All this said, Linkwitz recommended setup is marvelous and well worth following, if economically possible".

ati at6012 front audio power amplifier for Linkwitz Lab Orion loudspeakers, LXmini, LXmini+2, LXstudio, LX521.4 speakers
ati at6012 rear audio power amplifier for Linkwitz Lab Orion loudspeakers, LXmini, LXmini+2, LXstudio, LX521.4 speakers

The ATI AT6012 is the perfect solution for your Linkwitz Lab Orion loudspeakers, LXmini, LXmini+2, LXstudio, LX521.4 and other Linkwitz speakers. It is the amplifier that has been spec'd into the design and recommend by Linkwitz Lab for their Orion and various other speakers.

This 12-channel power amplifier incorporates the same legendary sound and design criteria as our other award winning amplifiers - without exception. The ATI AT6012 consists of six 2-channel modules and each module's volume (gain) can be remotely adjusted. While elegant in concept and design, the ATI AT6012 is rugged and will withstand the rigors of even the most demanding requirements. Critical components such as toroid transformers and circuit boards are manufactured and assembled in our own factory, guaranteeing consistent quality control. Features including DMC (Detachable Modular Component), Remote-Power-On and our Isolated Optical Protection Circuit are but a few of the advanced design concepts that add up to make ATI amplifiers the best value in the industry. Circuitry in the ATI AT6012 is totally complementary from input to output using dual-differential input stages. Pre-drivers then drive the full-complementary output stage.

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