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"ATI amplifiers are our specialty and the only products we carry"


Since the mid-1990s, InterActive Home Systems has become the oldest and largest authorized ATI distributor in the USA. ATI is the only line we carry and it is all that we promote. We will NOT be undersold on ATI products. Period! If you see a delivered ATI product for less from an AUTHORIZED ATI dealer, contact us with the information and after verifying the pricing, we will BEAT IT!

AUTHORIZED means that we purchase A stock directly from ATI and you receive the FULL 7 year warranty. Purchasing an ATI product from a dealer who is not authorized means that you will NOT receive the 7 year warranty and will probably be sold a B stock/grey market product.

Why Purchase Your ATI Amplifier From InterActive Home Systems?

Most companies who sell audio gear on the web are faceless corporations, that offer hundreds of different brands, many don't put their telephone number on their site (because they do not want to talk with you), have a shopping cart where you can place an order on-line and that is typically the extent of the interaction with the customer. There is no technical discussion with someone that is very knowledge and intimate with the audio gear; not surprising as they have thousands of products and are typically not degreed electrical or audio engineers.

You will notice that we do not have a shopping cart on our site. The owner of InterActive Home Systems is a degreed Electrical Engineer (BSEE) with over 30 years experience. He used to design electronic audio equipment; all the way from circuit design, printed circuit board layout, fabrication, even was responsible for creating the artwork, using CAD software tools, for the enclosures. He knows his stuff!

If you are 100% sure and know exactly which amplifier you want, then it will be a short phone call and we'll process your order right away. On the other hand, if you need some help guiding you to the right amplifier, based on your speakers (efficiency, power handling, number of speakers), room size, type of material that you will be listening to (music/movies), how loud you like to listen to your system, etc., then the owner will spend as much time as you need assisting you in making the right choice, so you will enjoy your amplifier for many years to come.

Give us a call and you will experience the difference!



Call Us for the Very Best Pricing: 603-888-8881 ... Ask for Ralph

Full 7 Year Warranty

InterActive Home Systems - Your Friendly, Knowledgeable and Authorized ATI Dealer

AT1800 Series

AT1802 - $1,495
AT1803 - $1,795
AT1804 - $2,095
AT1805 - $2,395
AT1806 - $2,695
AT1807 - $2,995

AT2000 Series

AT2002 - Discontinued
AT2003 - Discontinued
AT2004 - Discontinued
AT2005 - Discontinued
AT2006 - Discontinued
AT2007 - Discontinued

AT3000 Series

AT3002 - Discontinued
AT3003 - Discontinued
AT3004 - Discontinued
AT3005 - Discontinued
AT3006 - Discontinued
AT3007 - Discontinued

AT4000 Series

AT4002 - $2,995   Our price - Call
AT4003 - $3,595   Our price - Call
AT4004 - $4,195   Our price - Call
AT4005 - $4,795   Our price - Call
AT4006 - $5,395   Our price - Call
AT4007 - $5,995   Our price - Call

AT520NC Series

AT522NC - $1,995   Our price - Call
AT523NC - $2,495   Our price - Call
AT524NC - $2,795   Our price - Call
AT525NC - $3,295   Our price - Call
AT526NC - $3,595   Our price - Call
AT527NC - $3,995   Our price - Call
AT528NC - $4,295   Our price - Call

AT540NC Series

AT542NC - $2,795   Our price - Call
AT543NC - $3,595   Our price - Call
AT544NC - $4,295   Our price - Call

AT6000 Series

AT6002 - $3,995   Our price - Call
AT6003 - $4,795   Our price - Call
AT6004 - $5,595   Our price - Call
AT6005 - $6,395   Our price - Call
AT6006 - $7,195   Our price - Call
AT6007 - $7,995   Our price - Call

AT6010 Series

AT6012 - Discontinued (recommend using two of the AT520NC series)

Note that we do not ship to Canada or any other country outside the USA.
If you are outside the USA, please contact your International ATI dealer.
Due to the custom nature of our products, all sales are final.
We collect state tax for orders shipped to California.