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"ATI amplifiers are our specialty and the only products we carry"

Lasting Quality

Quality Assurance

Every ATI power amplifier undergoes rigorous, computer-controlled testing. Each power amplifier must meet or exceed a "reference standard" unit whose specifications represent our stringent quality requirements. This demanding criteria assures unit-to-unit repeatability and eliminates any possibility of arbitrary evaluation.


While ATI has taken every conceivable precaution, they do recognize that occasionally a product may malfunction. Instead of limiting their responsibility, they offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry - a full seven years on parts and labor. In the unlikely event that a power amplifier should fail, their unique Detachable Modular Component ("DMC") design allows for rapid repair.

ATI's Commitment

Providing technically superior amplifiers and customer satisfaction is ATI's mission. Their team of friendly, caring professionals invite and encourage your contact with them. For this reason they have a toll-free number for your questions or comments regarding their products or service.

ati at543nc audio power amplifier

Made in USA

The U.S. has always led the world in power amplifier technology and still does. All ATI products are manufactured in Southern California in a modern 50,000 square-foot facility to exacting design specifications and rigid quality control.