ati amplifier technologies inc
"ATI amplifiers are our specialty and the only products we carry"

Special Features

Toroid Transformers

40% more efficient than equivalent EI type transformers, yet no larger in size.

Massive Heat Sinks

More than 300 square inches of radiating surface for each channel, allowing cooler operation.

Filter Capacitors

High-capacitance units producing over 108,000 microFarads, enhancing dynamic range.

Power to Spare

Each pair of channels has its own toroid transformer and filter capacitors.

ati at6002 audio power amplifier

Circuit Boards

MIL-SPEC FR-4 glass-epoxy, double sided for high reliability.

Chassis Design

Durability is guaranteed by the use of 13-gauge steel, stainless steel screws and powder coating finishing.

Fuse Fault Indicators

Monitor operational status.

Front Panel LEDs

Identify normal and peak-power conditions.


Touch-proof output posts as well as input terminals are gold-plated to prevent corrosion.

Remote-Power-On Trigger

This feature allows the amplifier to be turned on and off via an external 12 volt DC signal that is applied to a connector on the rear panel.


Seven year limited (click here for more information on the ATI warranty).